Mother EarthSpa LLC

Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center

Massage Treatments

*MES Regulars Therapeutic Massage              $59(60m)​       NEW Clients Therapeutic Massage                $55(60m)

Our Signature Custom Therapeutic Massage       $75(60m)

​                                               $50 (30m) 

​Relaxation                                     $75 (60m)

​Extended Signature Custom Therapeutic Massage  $100 (90m)

​Therapeutic Couples Massage                    $140 (60m)


​Prenatal Massage                               $50 (30m)

​                                               $75 (60m)

​Thai Massage                                   $75 (60m)

​Lomi Lomi                                      $75 (60m)

​Oncology                                       $75 (60m)

Alternative Therapies

​Accupressue Facial                             $50 (30m)

​*As an add on with massage                only $40

​Ear Conning                                    $50 (45m)

Add Ons

Organic Seasonal Body Scrub  

        (Applied on your Back, Hands, or Feet)                         $10                                

10 Extra min of Massage                                                         $10                                                                                                             

Essential oil Combinations                                                                                    $10

​*All Prices are Subject to Change